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for some of the biggest brands on earth.

Our approach is different.

The foundations of what has become stretch back 40 years, when the company was a headset reseller. This origin story is important, because this hyper-focus on how the actual end user interacts with the mass of technology surrounding them explains our extreme focus on the human being and the last three feet, where technology deployments either fail or succeed.

Starting with the human – who is often wearing one of our carefully selected headset brands on their heads – means our approach begins and ends with user experience as a first priority.

This is an utterly unique positioning statement to make in a field crowded with A/V specialists and generalist installers.

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Our process is different.

Our process starts with the end user, expanding to comprehend our enterprise customer’s communication and collaboration goals, and ultimately intersecting with where our key partners’ technological capabilities, strengths, and future-leaning roadmaps lead us.

From here, rough order of magnitude studies and proof of concept pilot programs can take root and scale, from campus-wide deployments to global rollouts, always supported by hands-on adoption and change management engagements and meeting room managed care options. And all of this is possible because we started the process by asking the right questions up front, always rooted in how actual users need to communicate and collaborate.

The result is a finished solution that is as simple, elegant, and powerful as possible, solving specifically for the customer’s unique communication and collaboration requirements.

Our results speak for themselves.

Today, is a perennial member of the Inc5000 and a Microsoft “Partner of the Year” in 2021 for Meetings, Calling & Devices for Microsoft Teams.

We have deep relationships with every consequential technology provider in the communications and collaboration ecosystem.

And we count some of the biggest brands on earth as our most valued customers.

If the most consequential technology providers in the business and a roster of some of the most respected brands on earth trust us, we’d welcome the chance to earn your trust, as well.

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