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50068-005 - Clarity - /Walker W6 W6-500 Amplified Handset - Ash - 50068-005, 50068.005, Clarity, Walker , W6-500
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Walker W6-500 Amplified Handset - Ash

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Manufacturer: Clarity
Part Number: 50068-005

The W6 handset has an amplified receiver controlled by a rotary (thumb wheel) volume control. The W6 amplified handsets are for added receiver volume in noisy surroundings, poor line quality and for the hearing impaired. They include a carbon compatible transmitter for clear transmission and are hearing aid compatible. The W6 volume level is fixed until the thumb wheel is rotated.

Product also known as:

50068.005, Clarity, 50068-005, , Walker , W6-500

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