LifeSize LG Executive - HD Video Communications and Integrated HD Display
LG Executive

All-in-one HD Video Communications and Integrated HD Display

SKU:LG Executive

Manufacturer: LifeSize

Manufacturer Part Number: 1000-000H-0384

Base Price: $3,499.00
Customized Price: $3,499.00

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The Power of HD Video Conferencing on Display

All LifeSize end points deliver superior HD quality at low bandwidths. The LG Executive, powered by LifeSize, is no exception. Furthering our vision that HD video communications should be as seamless and mainstream as a phone call, we are pleased to offer a solution priced so that everyone in your organization can connect face-to-face, in high definition.

You don't need to purchase expensive infrastructure or replace your existing systems. The LG Executive, powered by LifeSize, is a point-to-point solution that works with your existing video conferencing systems as well as your IP/PBX installation.

Enjoy an immersive HD video communications experience from your desk with a no-hassle deployment. We’ve combined a LifeSize video endpoint, camera, microphone with a sleek LG 24” display - designed to work with YOUR environment in mind. Replace your PC monitor, add it to your office desk or use it in a small workspace. It works where you work.

Who can afford to disrupt business productivity? LG Executive, powered by LifeSize, not only streamlines your desk, but your daily acitivity as well. Participate in an HD video call with your colleagues at headquarters, switch back to your PC to finish the proposal, then hop into a video conference with a customer. All from your desk. All without missing a beat. Global Availability - expected in the third quarter of 2010

  • Point-to-point HD video calls at 720p30 HD resolution
  • Fully integrated HD video and wideband audio system in a 24” display
  • 1920 x 1080 HD resolution
  • Broad interoperability with VTC endpoints, IP / PBX installations and Skype™ (audio)
  • 2 wires to set up system: power and Ethernet
  • Intuitive Graphical Interface
  • Integrated 720p camera, microphone array and premium speakers

Product also known as:

LG, 1000-000H-0384, lifesize lg

Product Attributes:

8 way MCU (720p60/720p30) No
4 way MCU (1080p30/720p60) No
4 way MCU (720p30) No
6 way MCU (1080p30) No
6 way MCU (720p30) No
6 way MCU (720p60) No
Bundled LifeSize Camera (4x Zoom) No
Bundled LifeSize Camera 10x (10x Zoom) No
Bundled LifeSize Camera 200 (4x Zoom) No
Bundled LifeSize Focus (Fixed Focus) Yes
Supports Optional 10X Camera No
Supports a 2nd Camera No
1080p30 No
720p60 No
720p30 Yes
720p30 @ 1.1 Mbps Yes
720p60 @ 1.1 Mbps No
1080p30 @ 1.7 Mbps No
720p30 @ 768 Kbps No
1024X576 @ 512 Kbps No
848X480 @ 512 Kbps Yes
912X512 @ 384 Kbps No
768X432 @ 384 Kbps Yes
H.239 Receive / Send with LifeSize Virtual Link
SIP Dual Video via VGA / DVI Port Yes
Video and a presentation on a split layout No
Supports a 2nd Display No
Supports video on second display N/A
Supports data on 2nd display N/A
Transmit Dual Stream 720P30 No
Receive 720P30 Dual Stream Can toggle between video and presentation
RJ45 in for LifeSize Phone 0
Stereo Line-In (3.5mm) 0
Mic In - Two Channel (3.5mm) 1
HDMI Audio In 0
DVI-I Audio In 0
RCA line level In 0
RCA line level input (L+R) 0
HD Camera Audio In (Focus) 0
RJ45 out for LifeSize Phone 0
Stereo Line-Out (3.5mm) 0
HDMI Audio Out 1
DVI-I Audio Out 0
Main audio (L+C+R) out 0
RCA line level out 0
Line out / Headset (L+R) 1
LifeSize Camera In 0
Component or Composite In 0
S-Video In 0
Composite / VGA In 0
VGA In 1
HMDI Out 0
DVI-I Out 0
S-Video Out 0
Component/VGA Out 0
Composite / RCA Out 0
Integrated Display Yes


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