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MT-301 USB Quattro2

USB Conference Speakerphone

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Manufacturer: Phoenix Audio
Part Number: MT301

The MT301 is a USB only Quattro2 and is ideal for using with Internet phones, VoIP networks, soft phones, and software video conferencing. The MT301 is expandable with the MT304 daisy chain unit.

The Quattro2 incorporates the latest in digital signal processing and technology including 4 microphones, 4 speakers, 5 echo cancelers, proprietary Beam Forming Array algorithms, Voice Activity Detectors, De-reverb, Steady State Noise Attenuators, and Dynamic Signal Compression, to name a few. The hardware and software design of the Quattro2 provide it with an extended rage of audio pickup and broadcasting. This allows the Quattro2 speakerphone to cover larger spaces without the use of satellite microphones or speakers.

Although technologically advanced, the Quattro2 remains a simple and user friendly product. Maintaining our plug-and-play philosophy, the Quattro2 does not require expert knowledge in audio setup or any additional installations such as drivers. Like all of our products, we put a lot of effort into the design of the Quattro2 to give it a sleek and compact look while maximizing its performance.

The Quattro2 also offers functional daisy chaining capabilities. This unique ability to daisy chain an unlimited number of units assures that no room or hall is too large for the Quattro2. Daisy chained units not only act as active microphones, but also speakers, delivering the full conferencing experience to all participants, regardless of the venue.

All Quattro2s come standard with a USB interface, connecting the devices with a computer. This connection allows the user to use the Quattro2 for recording and VoIP conferencing. The USB connection also provides the device with its only needed source of power. The most basic version of the Quattro2 is the MT-301, equipped only with this USB interface, though the Quattro2 product line offers a range of additional interfaces including telephone, digital phone, and even Bluetooth interfaces. Please refer to the list of Quattro2 products below for more information about the many products available in this line.

The Quattro2 (MT301) comes with a USB connection to your PC or MAC computer. The USB is designed for Voice or Video over IP (VoIP) or can be used for playback of your computers media player or for recording a meeting.

The Quattro2 USB is supplied a USB cable to connect with your computer. Expandable – All Quattro2’s are expandable in an unlimited chain. The first unit in the chain would be the Quattro2 that has the connectivity you want. The 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 10th, etc. unit in the string would be a Quattro2 - Daisy Chain unit (MT304) Speaker Out - The speaker out jack allows for use with external amplifier and speaker(s).

Product also known as:

MT301, MT301, Phoenix Audio MT301

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