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MT-305 Digital Telephone Interface Quattro2

USB+Digital Telephone Interface Speakerphone

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Manufacturer: Phoenix Audio
Part Number: MT305

The Quattro2 DTI comes with a USB interface, plus it connects to your digital phone through the headset port, eliminating the need to have an analog connection. This makes virtually any room or office a conference room.

The Quattro2-DTI (MT305) comes with a USB connections and a RJ type modular jack. The USB is designed for Voice or Video over IP (VoIP) or can be used for playback of your computers media player on a PC or MAC computer. The RJ connection allows you to connect to Digital, Analog, and Cellular phones. TheQuattro2-DTI is supplied with 4 cables:

* USB to USB - to connect with your computer. * RJ male to RJ male – gray - for telephones using Avaya and Nortel type protocols. * RJ male to RJ male – black - for telephone using Cisco and most other telephone types. * Power supply - You can power the DTI from your computer via the USB connection or with the included power supply with international clips.

Bridging - The Quattro2-DTI will bridge the USB and RJ connections together for a three way call. An example would be if you were on a Software video call and you wanted to bring in a participant who might be at the airport and would like to contribute to the meeting. You would call him or her on the telephone that is connected to the Quttro2-DTI and it would bridge that person’s audio in to the video call. You could also make the call to a bridging service so multiple people would be connected to the video call.

Custom Sensitivity - A two – two position DIP switch next to the RJ jack allows you to adjust the send level to the telephone which varies from phone to phone, thus optimizing the DTI for use with all phones. >Setting it once during installation is usually all that is necessary. Expandable – All Quattro2’s are expandable in an unlimited chain. The first unit in the chain would be the Quattro2 that has the connectivity you want. The 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 10th, etc. unit in the string would be a Quattro2 - Daisy Chain unit (MT304).

Speaker Out - The speaker out jack allows for use with external amplifier and speaker(s).

Product also known as:

Phoenix Audio MT305, MT305, MT305

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