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Room 220 10x - LifeSize - HD Video Conferencing System with LifeSize Camera 10x - room 220, lifesize
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Room 220 10x

This item has been discontinued. Please call 800-641-6416 for information on alternatives.

Manufacturer: LifeSize
Part Number: 1000-0000-1134

It’s here -- the next generation in Full HD video communications. Introducing LifeSize® Room 220™, the world’s most powerful HD video communications system.

With LifeSize Room 220, you get the highest level of quality available today -- Full High Definition, standards-based 1080p30 for the highest resolution on the market and 720p60 for the best motion handling with lower latency.

But, LifeSize Room 220 comes standard with an embedded 8-way Continuous Presence multipoint bridge showing 4 visible sites, complete with transcoding and all digital I/O. Plus, LifeSize Room 220 also has a point-to-point throughput of 8Mbps. And the compact, sleek unit is less than half the size of comparable solutions.

Flexibility is enhanced, since our exemplary attention to the human interface ensures that the LifeSize Room 220 system is simple and easy to use. And because we’re committed to open architecture, proven LifeSize interoperability provides full integration into your existing standards-based communications infrastructure.

  • Video Quality: Full HD Standards-based 1920X1080 30 fps; 1280X720 - 60 fps
  • HD Monitors
  • LifeSize 10x optical zoom HD camera
  • HD Audio with LifeSize Phone
  • Output - Audio: 8 in, 4 out; Video: 6 in, 2 out; Data: 2 in, 2 out
  • Point-to-Point HD Video Communications
  • Embedded Continuous Presence (CP) HD Multipoint
  • Embedded Voice Activated Switching (VAS) HD Multipoint

Product also known as:

Room 220 10x, LifeSize Room 220 10x, 1000-0000-1134

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Product Attributes:

8 way MCU (720p60/720p30) Yes
6 way MCU (1080p30) Yes
6 way MCU (720p60) No
6 way MCU (720p30) No
4 way MCU (720p30) No
4 way MCU (1080p30/720p60) No
Bundled LifeSize Camera 10x (10x Zoom) Yes
Bundled LifeSize Camera (4x Zoom) No
Bundled LifeSize Focus (Fixed Focus) No
Bundled LifeSize Camera 200 (4x Zoom) No
Supports Optional 10X Camera Yes
Supports a 2nd Camera Yes
1080p30 Yes
720p60 Yes
720p30 Yes
1080p30 @ 1.7 Mbps Yes
720p60 @ 1.1 Mbps Yes
720p30 @ 1.1 Mbps No
720p30 @ 768 Kbps Yes
1024X576 @ 512 Kbps Yes
848X480 @ 512 Kbps No
912X512 @ 384 Kbps Yes
768X432 @ 384 Kbps No
H.239 Yes
SIP Dual Video via VGA / DVI Port Yes
Video and a presentation on a split layout Yes
Supports a 2nd Display Yes
Supports data on 2nd display Yes
Supports video on second display Yes
Transmit Dual Stream 720P30 Yes
Receive 720P30 Dual Stream Yes
RJ45 in for LifeSize Phone 1
Stereo Line-In (3.5mm) 2
Mic In - Two Channel (3.5mm) 1
HDMI Audio In 2
DVI-I Audio In 1
RCA line level In 0
RCA line level input (L+R) 0
HD Camera Audio In (Focus) 1
RJ45 out for LifeSize Phone 1
Stereo Line-Out (3.5mm) 1
HDMI Audio Out 1
DVI-I Audio Out 1
Main audio (L+C+R) out 0
RCA line level out 0
Line out / Headset (L+R) 0
LifeSize Camera In 1
Component or Composite In 1
S-Video In 1
Composite / VGA In 0
VGA In 0
HMDI Out 1
DVI-I Out 1
S-Video Out 0
Component/VGA Out 0
Composite / RCA Out 0
Integrated Display No

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