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Engenius DuraFon1X Long Range Industrial Cordless Phone System
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DuraFon 1X

Single Line Long Range Industrial Cordless Phone System

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Manufacturer: Engenius
Part Number: ENG-DURAFON1X

Anywhere there is a large area to cover and many voices to connect, the Engenius DuraFon1X Single Line Long Range Industrial Cordless Phone System can help. Imagine being able to broadcast from handset to handset in a warehouse up to 250,000 square feet or on a school campus. What if a farmer could communicate with his farm hands over 3,000 acres of land? Think of the possibilities of increased profits and productivity if store associates and managers could take phone calls while doing store inventory. The Engenius DuraFon1X Single Line Long Range Industrial Cordless Phone System brings these visions to life.

Each handset that shares a base can talk to another handset through a two-way radio intercom function and transfer an incoming call to another handset. Other functionality includes broadcast to one, all or a group of handsets, independent of the base unit. The DuraFon handsets use the easy push-to-talk method for quick contact and response. The DuraFon system interfaces with any PBX analog system and will not interfere with wireless networks. It operates at 900 MHz to reduce interference with 2.4 and 5.8 GHz platforms.

  • Powerful cordless communication 6 times as powerful as the average cordless phone
  • Shock-absorbent outer coat
  • Damage resistant Low Profile antenna
  • Full duplex 2 way radio without connecting back to the base unit - 1 to 1
  • Half Duplex - 1 to group, 1 to all
  • Digital Spread Spectrum with Frequency Hopping technology for crisp, clear cordless reception
  • Multi-line Capability (up to four lines, one line per base)
  • Multi-Handset Capability (up to 36, nine handsets per base)
  • Works off any analog port or line, further expandable behind analog port or line of PBX
  • Programmable PBX function soft key
  • Battery Charges from fully empty in just 4 hours or keep an optional spare battery charging at all times
  • Change batteries while a caller is on hold—without losing the call
  • 6 hours talk time, 50 hours stand-by time
  • Call directory
  • Handsets have any key answering, redial, mute, hold and volume control
  • Store up to 30 names/numbers for quick speed dialing
  • Capable of answering any line if there is more than one base unit
  • Base unit is wall mountable
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Optional external antenna for indoor use in warehouses and manufacturing plant or outdoor use on farms and car lots
  • Avaya Compliant

Product also known as:

DuraFon1X Phone System, Cordless Phone System, Phone Systems

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