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WC-DV-C - Listen Technologies - Confidea Wireless Delegate Voting Unit, Microphone & Battery Pack
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Confidea Wireless Delegate Voting Unit, Microphone & Battery Pack

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Manufacturer: Listen Technologies
Part Number: 71.98.0002

The WC-DV is a wireless fully digital portable delegate conference unit perfect for permanent or temporary meetings with speech and voting. The units are equipped with a microphone On/Off or request-to-speak button, two (2) headphone outputs with a single volume control and three (3) voting buttons with a voting result information display, allowing the delegate of a conference to speak, request-to-speak, listen to the speaker and vote. The wireless unit is powered by a custom Lithium-ion battery pack and can be optionally powered by a wall power adaptor (sold separately).

The unit can either be controlled by the chairman or remotely by the operator/conference chair. The volume of the loudspeakers can be remotely controlled by the operator via a web based set up application built into the wireless access point for the system. The microphone button is located between two LEDs to indicate whether the unit is on (RED) or in the request-to-speak queue (GREEN). The loudspeaker is automatically switched off when the microphone is activated to prevent acoustic feedback.

In combination with the access point (Confidea WCAP) and a chairman unit (Confidea CV) basic voting sessions can be performed without the need of a central control unit. The voting session is controlled via the chairman voting control buttons, the results of the session are displayed on the OLED information display of each unit within the system.

The Confidea battery pack is a high performance Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery pack. The battery pack has been designed to provide in excess of 20 hours continuous service from a chairman/delegate wireless conference unit on a full charge. Used with the WC-CHT 6 unit charging tray, the battery can be charged in approximately 4 hours from a complete discharge. The battery has an external power connection to allow a power adaptor to plug directly into the battery for operation and charging. A push to test button enables an LED bar to display the current battery life and capacity status.

The Confidea Gooseneck Microphone is a high performance condenser microphone developed specifically for the Confidea conference units. The condenser capsule features a cardioid pattern with a50 Hz to 20KHz frequency range, maximizing speaker pick-up while minimizing the risk of acoustic feedback. The microphone has been designed to have very low susceptibility to interference from mobile phones. The unit features a high bright red illuminated ring which is bright enough to be seen in camera broadcast lighting when the microphone is active.

Includes: WC-DV Confidea Wireless Delegate Voting Unit, WC-MIC38SL Confidea Gooseneck Microphone 15 in. (38 cm), WC-BP Confidea Wireless Lithium-ion Battery Pack.

  • Yes/No/Abstain voting
  • Built-in high quality loudspeaker which is automatically muted when the microphone is active, to prevent acoustic feedback
  • Microphone On/Off or request-to-speak button with two status LEDs
  • The batteries provide over 20 hours of continuous operation on a full charge
  • Operates in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency band
  • Headphone jacks for assistive listening

Product also known as:

Listen Technologies WC-DV-C, 71.98.0002, WC-DV-C

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