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DuraFon 1X-VP02 - Engenius - DuraFon 1X & Durawalkie 1XHC Bundle - durafon bundle
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DuraFon 1X-VP02

DuraFon 1X & Durawalkie 1XHC Bundle

Our Price:
Manufacturer: Engenius
Part Number: DuraFon 1X-VP02

Bundle includes (1) Durafon 1X system (one Durafon base unit and one Durafon handset) and (2) Durawalkie 1X-HC.

The EnGenius DuraFon 1X system delivers immediate workplace and large property mobility. The DuraFon 1X delivers unmatched wireless coverage with easy set up and usability.

The optional DuraWalkie 1X allows users of the DuraFon 1X system a choice in handsets. The DuraWalkie 1X is a 2-way radio only handset that works only with the DuraFon 1X system.

Product also known as:

DuraFon 1X-VP02, Engenius DuraFon 1X-VP02, DuraFon 1X-VP02

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