Panasonic PAN-KX-TS108 Single Line Corded Office Desk/Wall Phone
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This item has been discontinued. Please call 800-641-6416 for information on alternatives.

Manufacturer: Panasonic
Part Number: PAN-KX-TS108W

The Panasonic PAN-KX-TS108 Single Line Corded Office Desk/Wall Phone offers great essential features at a very reasonable price. Take advantage of ringer volume control, one-touch dialer, a speakerphone, programmable call restriction, switchable tone/pulse settings for compatibility with both tone and pulse phone systems and LCD with clock. The phone is wall-mountable. It makes a good companion for any home or office.

A speakerphone gives you the convenience of fielding your phone calls hands-free. It's especially useful for group or business situations, such as conference calls, when others in the room can easily join the conversation.

Do you make frequent calls to the same numbers? If so, this phone will make life easier for you. With 20 one-touch stations available, you can call your most frequent called numbers with the push of a single button.

This phone system can be hung on a wall to free up desk or counter space. This is especially helpful in kitchens or offices, where desk and counter space is at a premium.

  • 16-digit LCD with clock
  • Programmable call restriction
  • 10-number 1-touch/speed dialer
  • Ringer indicator
  • Electronic volume
  • Speakerphone
  • Programmable tone/pulse settings

Product also known as:

Panasonic Integrated Telephone, Integrated Telephone

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