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Refurbished Nortel M2008 8 Programmable Button Display Phone
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Refurbished M2008

8 Programmable Button Display Phone

Please call 800-641-6416 for pricing and order information.

Manufacturer: Nortel
Part Number: NTZK08AA03

Nortel Networks M2008 Display is a standard multi-line business telephone for use with the Meridian 1 and Meridian SL100 systems. Eight programmable feature keys provide quick access to lines and features. The M2000 Series is for Meridian 1 and Meridian SL-100 customers using system software less than X11 Release 24 or MLS 11 respectively.

  • Eight Programmable Feature Keys
  • Compatible with Meridian Analog Terminal Adapter
  • Compatible with Meridian Communications Adapter
  • Liquid Crystal Display

Product also known as:

Nortel Refurb M2008 Basic, NTZK08AA03, Refurb M2008 Basic

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