BusyLight Combi 12' 2.5mm Extension Cable
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BusyLight Combi 12' 2.5mm Extension Cable

12' 2.5mm Audio Extension Cable

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Manufacturer: Steren

The Extension Cord is designed to give your Busylight the extra reach you may need to place the indicator on the outside of your office or cubical. Alert people entering your work space long before they interrupt your telephone call. This will give your Busylight approx an additional 12 feet of cable.

Product also known as:

Audio Cable

Busylight Combi - Plenom - Kuando Busylight Combi for Desk Phones and Headsets - Busy Light, UC Busylight, Online Indicator, On Call Indicator
Busylight Combi - for phones and headsets
Busylight UC - Plenom - Kuando Busylight UC for Microsoft Skype for Business - PLENOM, kuando
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Busylight Magnetic Mounting Set
Busylight Magnetic Mounting Set
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Kuando Busylight Omega UC
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