2200-02600-001 - Polycom - SoundStation Premier Satellite with Wireless Mic
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This item has been discontinued. Please call 800-641-6416 for information on alternatives.

Manufacturer: Polycom
Part Number: 2200-02600-001

The Polycom SoundStation Premier Satellite system adds a second powerful speaker to the one built into Polycom SoundStation Premier, to fill almost any size room with crystal clear sound. You can also get up to seven directional microphones for broader coverage, and an optional 900MHz rechargeable wireless lavalier microphone with built in security to prevent eavesdropping and give presenters freedom to move around the room. Featuring a modular, portable design, Polycom SoundStation Premier Satellite is easy to install and customize for the largest conference or boardrooms. Other features include convenient console connectivity for a standard analog phone line, an RCA jack that allows you to record calls, and an interface to connect a telephone handset for privacy.

  • Additional Speaker for the SoundStation Premier
  • Wireless design provides a clean look with no wires on the table or floor
  • Built-in microphone for handsfree Voice Carry Over (VCO) calls

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live chat on website