Nectar Unified Communications Diagnostic...
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Nectar Unified Communications Diagnostic...

Nectar Unified Communications Diagnostic...

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Manufacturer: Nectar
Part Number: MSSFB-105

Nectar Unified Communications Diagnostics

Nectar’s Unified Communications Diagnostics (UCD) module helps enterprises and service providers manage multi-vendor network complexity, maximize existing technology investments, and achieve a lower TCO by providing complete IP network information correlation and comprehensive insight into cross-platform UC issues offering faster resolution of UC problems and a superior end-user experience. The UCD module provides real-time visibility into the quality of UC users’ voice, video and signaling media experience. UCD offers advanced correlation that allows help desks to associate specific user-reported complaints to events in any part of the network. Historical key quality indicators (KQIs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) are constructed by the system and compared against user-configured thresholds. Alerts and notification targets are configurable through interactive dashboards. Visualization of historical KPI and KQI trends improves executive-level tracking and decision making. This capability improves the UC user experience, and enables support staff to anticipate operational requirements such as capacity planning.

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Nectar Unified Communications Diagnostic...

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