Konftel KT300 Dual Use Conference Unit
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Konftel KT300 Dual Use Conference Unit

Analog/USB Conference Telephone w/dial pad, display, SD Call Recorder, and jacks for expansion mics.

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Manufacturer: Konftel
Part Number: 910101059

Konftel KT300 Dual Use Conference Unit

Productive distance meetings require a conference telephone that is easy to use and delivers high sound quality. The models in the Konftel 300 series are very similar in appearance, and several essential features inside the telephones are identical.

OmniSound ® delivers HD-quality audio and useful features, like the conference guide, phone book and conference group storage to help get your meetings started. Further - more, several of the models can connect calls from different connections or lines. Another smart feature is recording to an SD card for meetings or dictation. Play, save or share your recordings later on. The Konftel 200 series is equipped with our Omni - Sound ® audio technology, even if it has fewer other features overall.

Consider how you want to meet to find the model that is best for you. Landline or wireless, small or large meetings, smart features or scaled down. Regardless of which you choose, you will be very impressed by the outstanding sound quality.

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audio conference, kt300, 910101059

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