Voyager 6200 UC Bluetooth Headset - Black, UCB-C
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Voyager 6200 UC Bluetooth Headset - Black, UCB-C

Bluetooth Stereo Neckband Headset with Earbuds. The Voyager 6200 USB-C will connect to both your mobile device and your computer at the same time.

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Manufacturer: Plantronics
Part Number: 211718-01

Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC USB-C Bluetooth Headset

Voyager 6200 UC is a Bluetooth® neckband headset with earbuds made for the professional. Transitioning to your next conversation is easy: Connect with colleagues working remotely, listen to music to focus distraction-free or drop an earbud to tune in to the conversation around you. Voyager 6200 UC has the versatility to go beyond the office, for outstanding audio every time, everywhere.


  • Boomless design features Plantronics clear talk technology, four omnidirectional microphones and enhanced noise canceling, optimizing your voice and minimizing background noise.
  • On-demand passive and active noise canceling (ANC) block out distractions so you can focus on your call or work.
  • Premium wireless hi-fi stereo headset works seamlessly across multiple applications on desktops, Bluetooth®-enabled desk phones, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.
  • Neckband vibrates to alert you of incoming calls; so there’s no need to look at your mobile phone.
  • Switch from stereo to mono to hear your surroundings simply by dropping an earbud, or remove both earbuds for face-to-face conversations.
  • Wideband audio provides high-quality PC telephony and is compatible with smartphones enabled for HD voice.
  • Dynamic mute alert senses when you start to talk while the headset is on mute and sends you a voice prompt.
  • Plantronics Manager Pro, software-as-a-service that is sold separately, enables your IT team to gain insight into eVery Plantronics headset being used company-wide.

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