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Microsoft Teams Adoption and Change Management Workshop UC 2 Day Workshop

Two Days - Four Hours each. Microsoft Teams Adoption and Change Management Workshop.

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Part Number: UC-ACM-Two Day Workshop Virtual

[VIRTUAL] Microsoft 365 & Teams Adoption Workshop (2 Half-Day Strategy Sessions)

Your adoption team may be made up of several groups including administrative, executive, training and IT leaders who often times find themselves overseeing multiple initiatives in conjunction with the organization’s user collaboration systems. With remote working at an all-time high, now more than ever our customers are finding the need for a way to implement and measure a successful rollout.

Ease the burden and increase your success rate tenfold when you engage with our Adoption & Change Management consulting team to take your leadership crew through the goal-setting planning process.

The Microsoft 365/Teams Adoption Workshop is a competency program remotely conducted by one of our Adoption & Change Management advisors over the course of a 2-day window, it covers the following:


The Envisioning session will help in understanding the technologies, the challenges, the benefits, and the way ahead. It is a way of discovering what is available, what is feasible, and what is possible. 
A component of the envisioning session is a sponsor roadmap that outlines the actions needed from the project’s primary sponsor and the coalition of sponsors across the business. We provide details on when and where we need leaders to be present, what communications they should send, and which peers across the coalition need to align with to support the change.

Adoption Change Management

Change management enables employees to adopt a change so that business objectives and desired outcomes are realized. It is the bridge between solutions and results and is fundamentally about people and our collective role of transforming change into a successful outcome. In this session, we will define the methodology of how we assess the scope of the change, the readiness of the organization, and the ADKAR model to enable the framework of the people side of change.

Business Outcomes Review

In this session, we review the history of your environment to understand your current technology state. We will discuss how effectively communicating across different locations, time zones, and languages will drive your business forward. Through conversation about your business, we gain insight into the business impacts and difficulties by focusing on the following: What will increase employee productivity, improving collaboration and information sharing across the organization mean to you? How will this transformation help drive and enable innovation across lines of business? What will change in your environment by having a single communication and collaboration tool? How will this help mobile workers to become more productive and better connected? What are the desired business outcomes?

Building a Champions Program

In this session, we will learn why Champions are essential to driving awareness, adoption, and education in your organization. A champion is a person, primarily motivated by helping others, who are interested in new technology (specifically Teams) and helping other employees use it in alignment with your best practices. Your champions will give you important insights into the progress and potential pitfalls of your project.?

Communications and Awareness

In this session, we will gain an understanding of how communications and awareness are a critical part of the change process. We will discuss the impacts of an awareness campaign, how to build a foundation for everyone to understand the change is coming and ways to make the change positive and exciting. We will review best practices; gain an understanding of preferred senders and the impact they have on the effectiveness of the communication. We focus on ensuring employees are hearing about the change at the right time from the people who have credibility. We will share with you a statistical view of what works based on Procsi communications research data.??

Training Strategy

Training is critical to help people build the knowledge and ability they need to work in a new way. The training strategy identifies who will need what training and when. In this session, we will discuss why it is important that the training plan is sequenced in a way that allows for awareness and desire building before team members attend training. We also evaluate and provide options to users that give various learning paths toward gaining knowledge in the Teams environment and let them choose how they learn best.

Resistance Management

In this session we will identify types of resistance to change that could be a significant source of risk to the project and the organization holistically. The current state has tremendous holding power, uncertainty, anxiety, and fear of the unknown can block change and create resistance. Physical and emotional reactions are powerful enough by themselves to create resistance to change. Milestone resistance strategies help us identify if users are experiencing any barriers to moving forward at any time during the transformation. Remediation must be flexible and use various tactics for identifying the root cause to neutralize the resistance to change. This is a key component of proactively managing resistance and building commitment to change. Because people are physically and physiologically wired for habit, it is common that even though people may change successfully, they will revert to their old habits unless there are specific measures in place to prevent them from doing so. Reinforcement mechanisms can include continued compliance measuring, ongoing training, and coaching.
Following workshop, your team will be provided with the following:
--Reports on use case scenarios, personas, device strategy,
--List of customized recommends based on company environment finding.

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