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Ceiling Audio 2 / G80 + Biamp Tesira Forte AVB VT + Biamp UBT + TesiraConnect + Parle XA + Parle XEX + Desono IC6
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Poly - Teams Room with Ceiling Audio

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Part Number: Ceiling Audio 2

Poly - Teams Room with Ceiling Audio

This bundle contains following items

Item Name Quantity
7230-86730-001 POLY G80-T Video Conf/Collab System 01
4870-86730-112 Premier, One Year, POLY G80-T Video Conf/Collab System 01
BI-TESIRAFORTE-AVB-VT Biamp TesiriaFORTE VT AVB fixed i/o Server 01
BI-TESIRA-EX-UBT Biamp USB Digital Audio Expander 01
BI-TesiraCONNECT-TC-5 Biamp TesiriaConnect 5-port expansion device 01
PARLE-TCM-XA-W Parle Low profile Beamtracking ceiling microphone w/ POE+Amp 01
PARLE-TCM-XEX-W Low profile expansion Beamtracking ceiling microphone 01
BI-DESONO-C-IC6 Biamp Desono C-IC6 - White 02

Product also known as:

Premium audio, Biamp Tesira, Ceiling audio solution, Poly G80 T

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