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AM6000 - Clarity - Alert Master AllInOne Wireless Notification - Clarity, Alert, Master, All-In-One, Wireless, Notification
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This item has been discontinued. Please call 800-641-6416 for information on alternatives.

Manufacturer: Clarity
Part Number: AM6000

Designed for people with moderate to profound hearing loss. Ideal for the Deaf. The AM6000 alerts you to telephone calls and the doorbell, and has optional accessories that can alert you to an audio alarm, a crying baby or the presence of an intruder.

This model does not include the AMRX2 remote receiver.

  • Distinct flashing patterns and lighted icons on unit help you distinguish between the telephone and the doorbell
  • Flashes a connected lamp and shakes your bed to alert you to activities within the home
  • Includes powerful bed shaker for night-time notification
  • Includes wireless doorbell
  • Lighted LEDs indicate the following events: ringing telephone, alarm clock, doorbell, loud sound, motion sensor or audio alarm (may require optional accessories)
  • Simple, easy-to-use design

Product also known as:

Notification, All-In-One, Alert, Wireless, Clarity, Master

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