Meeting Space Design & Engineering

Our deep industry experience produces best in class next generation meeting spaces.

We take pride in designing simple, powerful collaboration solutions. Our designers are familiar with both the latest technologies as well as tried and tested traditional AV solutions. We run through desired group collaboration experiences and provide a portfolio of meeting space options, followed by the creation of a meeting room POC and technical SOW.


Our expert technicians and programmers integrate and program the controls for meeting spaces, board rooms, digital signage, room schedulers, video walls, and more on a global basis.


Our project managers are available to augment your project management team by managing all or part of your UC, AV, or communications and collaboration projects.


Have special requirements from your VIPs, Command Centers, Scientists, Engineers, or Professors?


As an IT manager you may have several groups that require high-end outfitting to both their corporate and home office alike.


Many of these highly collaborative groups require real-time file version sharing, multiple platform accessing, and sticky note whiteboarding to their ideation process.


With remote working at on all-time high, ensure your special-requirement user groups are well-equipped to continue business as usual. We’ll connect you with one of our space experts to help you identify what to address and in what order.


Cover your greatest remote worker space challenges in the course of one call.



Do you know your company’s space plan and your place in it?



What are the specific audio and visual needs your teams can’t go without?


Will your users need rooms training and support?

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