UC Device Strategy

We're at the planning table as a member of your team.

What's your biggest devices challenge?

As an IT manager you may be overseeing everything from large and small meeting/huddle rooms, group to group simultaneous collaboration and file sharing, to desktop and remote workforce gear up.


As a procurement manager you may be concerned with moving bulk purchases at the best price, at the best time, to fit with the ins and outs of your specific purchasing and logistics systems.


Either way, with remote working at on all-time high, ensure you’re ahead of the curve and schedule a consultation now. We’ll connect you with one of our device planning experts to help you identify what to address and in what order.


Cover your greatest training and adoption challenges in the course of one call.



Do you know your company’s plan and your place in it?


What are the collaboration devices your teams can’t go without?


Will your workforce need remote worker training and support?


We meet with the stakeholders of your company to consider everything that contributes to your overall communications and collaboration strategy, along with any other contributing factors that play into an integrated device and meeting space strategy for all groups of users across your organization.

Key Factors

User Populations


This formal process helps us together determine how best to meet the needs of your user groups. As a member of your team, it provides a clear picture of what success looks like around UC in your organization. In addition, it conveys what best practices and use cases apply most to your situation.

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