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The Office Manager position is a multi-faceted role involving operations, executive administration, and facilities and systems management. The Office Manager will work closely with the President and key management folks to maintain the smooth and effective running of the company and to assist the president in communicating and executing on his vision.

Job Duties

This is a really brief list due to time constraints, but this gives you a sense of the variety and range of this important position.

  • Ensure that the office, including remote offices, are running efficiently and according to rules and procedures
  • Take care of the overall premises, keeping things functional and clean
  • Be the point of contact for local and remote employees when they a
  • Create and maintain and active, continuous hiring program
  • Run errands and shop online or directly on behalf of the company
  • Document new processes, procedures, and rules
  • Organize chaos as you encounter it
  • Assist President with calendaring and meeting scheduling as needed
  • Assist President in keeping track of important company to do items
  • Contribute to team efforts by accomplishing requested tasks as needed.
  • Perform other related office management duties
  • Follow company rules and procedures.
  • Work diplomatically with other members of the UnifiedCommunications team, maintaining a high degree of respect among your coworkers.
  • Ensure that the employees can easily find policies, procedures, and current versions of important documents
  • Perform duties related to achieving the four key strategic objectives below.
  • Attend management and strategy meetings, and document the ideas agreed upon and merge them with existing company plans
  • Plan company teambuilding and fun events to keep people excited and engaged
  • Perform duties associated with office management
  • Be a right-hand person to the President, enthusiastically helping him implement his vision.
  • Foster contagious enthusiasm

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