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EndPoint Strategy and Management Program

In the not-so-distant past, endpoint were viewed as commodities and minimal time and resources were dedicated to endpoint selection and management programs. However, in a UC pilot or deployment, endpoints become a critical component of the overall solution and significantly impact the project's success or failure. This is particularly true in mixed environments (Cisco / Microsoft / Avaya / Nortel / IBM) where the compatibility and functionality of an endpoint varies greatly based on the platform with which it is used.

Successful UC projects involve a deep understanding of user populations and the most suitable devices for a specific user profile. For example:


John is a mid-level manager within the IT department who was selected for participation in a UC pilot. He does not currently use a headset and is asked to use a PC-based UC client (OCS, CUCIMOC, CIPC, CUPC, One-X, etc). John provides negative feedback on the experience. Does his dissatisfaction relate to the underlying technology or does he simply not like the process and endpoints he is being asked to use?

At, we know a thing or two about UC. We start by earning a seat at your planning table and assist in the following areas:

Understanding User Populations

  • We work with your Unified Communications planning team to understand the needs of each user population and divide them into profiles.


Understanding Enumeration Challenges

  • Endpoint devices behave differently based on how they enumerate and are recognized within specific UC applications and the host operating system. Some automatically become the default audio device, others are plug and play within one UC application, but provide limited or no functionality in another. We provide recommendations on the right endpoints for your specific system configurations.


Endpoint Pilot Recommendations

  • Pilots are delicate and often constrained by IT budgets. We work with clients to identify the best possible endpoints for use in a pilot.


Endpoint Deployment Recommendations

  • The endpoint space changes rapidly, and the mix of devices used in a pilot are often replaced with new generation devices in a deployment. We recommend the best devices for the pilot and deployment based on current technologies available in the marketplace.


Manufacturers' Liaison

  • We arrange free evaluation units, negotiate manufacturer-sponsored pricing programs, and shield client from the time consuming process of constant manufacturer interaction.


Endpoint Scorecards

  • We assist in the development if feedback tools to track and evaluate the success of endpoints within specific user populations.


Endpoint Standards Updates

  • The endpoint selection and compatibility process does not stop at deployment. With new and compelling endpoints being released every month, organizations must balance the benefits of a limited product set against new products with superior functionality. We schedule periodic endpoint review sessions and provide a thorough analysis of newly introduced endpoints.


Development of Intranet-Based Endpoint Selection Portals

  • In truth, most endpoints used in a pilot or initial deployment will be replaced within a year as users begin to understand the benefits of more sophisticated endpoints. We can either host customer-specific intranet sites, or provide the data and logic required to create a portal using an existing system. The portal helps end users select, order, and install an approved endpoint based on their user profile, platform and devices. In addition, it is integrated into existing workflows and can integrate with eProcurement technologies such as Ariba, Oracle, SAP and others.


Endpoint Technical Support

  • Our support team has mastery over UC endpoints and can integrate into your support process in either a primary or escalation role. We can receive, resolve and return helpdesk tickets and accumulate customer specific knowledgebase data.


In addition to the program benefits outlined above, clients benefit from the best practices and knowledge our team has acquired in other large scale UC implementations. We freely share ideas and experience as we work towards a common goal - a widely successful UC program.

The EndPoint Strategy and Management Program allows UC architects and designers to focus on their core challenges while recognizing the important and ever-changing role of endpoints in the success of the overall program. This value added program is funded through your purchase of endpoints which are provided at very competitive prices.

For more information or to sign-up for this program, call us at 800.641.6416

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