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The Future World of Work Looks Hybrid with Microsoft Teams Rooms!


With so many companies transitioning their meeting spaces to Microsoft Teams Rooms, it’s easy to understand why. Watch the short video on the right to see why the Microsoft Teams Rooms experience is so popular for hybrid work.


Teams Rooms are designed to turn any room into an easy-to-use, inclusive meeting space where everyone can be seen and heard from anywhere… ensuring equal footing as some join meetings in the office and others remote.


Real-time Collaboration Features

  • New Microsoft Whi­teboard
  • Intelligent Speakers
  • Video Layout Options
  • Improved Inking
  • Intelligent Content Capture
  • PowerPoint Live

Why is Your Partner for Microsoft Teams Rooms? 




  • Our proven experience bringing the Teams Rooms experience to everyone of your meetings.
  • Recognized as the 2021 Microsoft Teams Partner of the Year award for Meetings, Calling & Devices.
  • Our relationships with all certified Microsoft Teams equipment manufacturers are a huge advantage when selecting your devices.
  • A technology evangelist will be on-site to oversee your integration, conduct testing, and train your users, admins, and support teams.
  • We also provide remote and managed support options to maintain your extraordinary Teams Rooms experience, while freeing up your IT resources.


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Small Teams Rooms

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Medium Teams Rooms

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Large Teams Rooms

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Microsoft Teams Rooms not only simplify your meeting experience but

they also provide an integrated meeting solution that will reshape team

collaboration within your organization by maintaining an inclusive and

reliable experience for everyone.


Meet the new Microsoft Whiteboard designed for Hybrid Work


Microsoft Whiteboard’s new innovations in real-time collaboration provide better hybrid work and collaboration experiences, whether you’re physically in the room together. To achieve this, Microsoft’s innovations focus on five key areas: guided collaboration, new content types, new user interface, improved inking experience, and expanded Microsoft 365 integration.

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Complete to Meet with a Teams Rooms Expert!

Teams Room Device Strategy Session