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Device Strategy Consulting


We meet with the stakeholders of your company to consider everything that contributes to your overall communications and collaboration strategy.

Adoption & Change Management


As pioneers in UC adoption and user transformation, we know that laying the groundwork for lasting success with end users is essential.

Deployment & Integration


Around the world, our onsite techs set up and configure our products wherever they will be used.

Room Design & Engineering


We take pride in designing simple, powerful collaboration solutions and provide a portfolio of meeting space options.



Simplify even the most complex enterprise-level UC deployments using our highly customizable, web-based portal. Manage your organization's UC device selection and procurement all in one single solution.

White Glove Support


We offer a wide variety of support solutions, often designing custom support programs for our customers' unique needs.

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Recent Success Stories

Ensuring painless deployment of many thousands of meeting room devices utilizing our preconfiguration services, quality testing and asset tagging.

Orchestrating global deployment and logistics of 10,000+ user devices for a major airline. Simplified UC transition by the use of our proprietary device selection tool.

Design and deployment of thousands of Next Generation Teams Meeting Rooms to over 50 Fortune 500 customers over the past 12 months.

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