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LR-300-072 - Listen - LR-300 72 Mhz Body Pack Digital FM Receiver - LR-300-072, LR-300, Digital FM Receiver
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Portable Digital RF Receiver (72 MHz)

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The LR-300 Digital Receiver is a low-cost digital receiver. It has the same exceptional audio quality as Listen's full-featured receivers and the same convenient recharging options, but it doesn't have the LCD display. It has 17 wide band channels to select from and channel SEEK capabilities, located behind a lockable door. It takes AA batteries (alkaline or NiMH rechargeable). SmartChargeTM capabilities prevent overcharging. An LED indicates power to the unit.

  • Superior audio (80dB SNR)
  • 17-channel wideband
  • Channel SEEK capability
  • AA alkaline or NiMH batteries
  • Channel lock feature
  • SmartChargeTM

Product also known as:

LR-300-072, Digital FM Receiver, LR-300

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