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This item has been discontinued. Please call 800-641-6416 for information on alternatives.

Manufacturer: Panasonic
Part Number: TH-50PF20U

Panasonic's new NeoPDP™ technology provides outstanding black detail and allows for more impressive presentations. This newly developed panel increases luminous efficiency by approximately 4x, and achieves the industry's highest contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1

To take maximum advantage of the inherently superior black expression of self-illuminating plasma displays, these new high-grade professional panels allow the PF20 series to emit light without the use of a pre-discharge. The industry's highest contrast ratio combined with deeper black reproduction forms the basis of its image expression that renders richer textures with more subtle shading and color differences.

Versatile video inputs and the new "Slot 2.0" function slot expands all display applications. You can input both analog (component video, video, PC) and digital (DVI-D, HDMI) video signals to this display. These standard-equipped terminals handle most of the commonly used video signals. And the new "Slot 2.0" function slot allows you add display functions that match the intended use. Mounting an optional function board allows the display to support a variety of applications.

PJLink™ - compatible network function, lets you operate displays by remote control and monitor their status through a LAN connection. Since it supports the PJLink industry standard, existing infrastructure can be used for effective plasma display operation.

  • 1920 x 1080 HD resolution
  • Slot 2.0 architecture
  • Fixed inputs
  • Built-in LAN Control I/F
  • Nanodrift Screen Saver

Product also known as:

Plasma, HDTV, TV

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