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MT101 Soho

PC Card

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Manufacturer: Phoenix Audio
Part Number: MT101

The MT101 conserves desktop space and utilizes any loudspeakers and any microphone.

The SOHO Conference Card gives PC users the ability to conduct an internet telephony conference hands-free and headset-free. The SOHO Card converts your Desktop PC into a High-end, Internet Conferencing device. Simply insert the SOHO Card into an open PCI or AGP Card slot and connect your external microphone and desktop speakers. Your Desktop PC is now equipped for Voice over IP and Web Conferencing!

Phoenix Technologies enhance voice over IP communications for Instant Messenger, On-line Gaming, Web Conferencing and Telemedicine applications. Affordable and effective, this entry-level, high quality solution for full-duplex communication will support all voice applications on your desktop

THe Soho comes with the Phoenix iBall Microphone, whose unique design is a great addition to your desktop system. The noise-canceling microphone makes it ideal for Multimedia audio input, chat/telephony, voice recordings and PC games. Compatible with popular PC sound cards, just plug it in and start talking. Mount on your monitor, or simply on your desk.

  • 100% Full Duplex Performance – No attenuation (either way) during full duplex
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation >40 dB
  • Noise Cancellation >10dB
  • Residual Echo is Suppressed to the Environment Noise Level to Prevent Artificial Ducking of Signal
  • Power Level Equalization
  • Convergence speed 40 dB/sec
  • Tail length (200ms)
  • Convergence during full duplex (No recovery time after full duplex)
  • Low delay (10 msec)
  • Bandwidth 20 – 7500 kHz for Speech Processing Maintains the Soundcard bandwidth for other applications (ie; music, gaming, etc.)

Product also known as:

Phoenix Audio MT101, MT101, MT101

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