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Plantronics SHS1890-15 15 ft Push-to-Talk Dispatch Headset Adapter
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Plantronics SHS1890-15 Push-to-Talk Amplifier

Push-to-Talk Headset Adapter, 6 Wire Applications, 15 foot Cord.

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Manufacturer: Plantronics
Part Number: SHS1890-15

  • Plantronics SHS1890 series is a Push-to-Talk headset adapter for use with 6 wire applications.
  • SHS1890 amplifiers offer radio and telephone communication for 911/emergency dispatch, and air traffic control applications.
  • Quick Disconnect allows use with Plantronics H series headsets
  • PJ-7 (equivalent to WE-425) dual prong connector (can also be ordered with other connectors)
  • Connects to any Plantronics call center headsets (H-series).

Product also known as:

60825-15, SHS1890-15, PTT Console Amplifier

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