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Cables2Go 65FT Extender Kit, Logitech Video System
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Cables2Go 65FT Extender Kit, Logitech Video System

Easily extend the camera or speaker phone of the Logitech GROUP, SmartDock, or CC3000e video conferencing system

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Manufacturer: Cables to Go
Part Number: CTG-34027

Cables2Go 65FT Extender Kit, Logitech Video System

The Extender for Logitech video conferencing systems extends the camera or speakerphone and an HDMI AV signal up to 35 feet away from the system hub. This solution requires a RapidRun Optical runner cable (Included) for extension, and installation is made easy through labeling. This extension solution passes the audio and video signals to the Logitech hub, but, when extending the camera, it also passes the control signals. These control signals allow the camera to continue to move as if it were directly connected to the hub with the cable provided by Logitech. This means that full functionality of the GROUP, SmartDock, or CC3000E systems will be retained at full extension distance. The extender also allows for HDMI A/V signal to be extended from the extender transmitter box to the receiver box, allowing a/v signal to be delivered to a remote display. Power can be delivered at both ends via two AC power adapters (Included) or power can be delivered from the transmitter to the receiver over a solid conductor Cat5e/Cat6 cable (Not Included). The capabilities provided by this kit add value and flexibility to the Logitech GROUP, SmartDock, or CC3000E video conferencing systems, making it the perfect fit for almost any application. Discover additional benefits and specifications of the Logitech ConferenceCam Extender

Note: This system does not include the Logitech GROUP, SmartDock, or CC3000E

Note: This extender is designed to extend either the camera or the speakerphone. Two extenders are required to extend both the camera and speakerphone.

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