Century SC 660 TC Wired Headset
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EPOS IMPACT SC 660 Binaural Tele-Coil Headset

Century™ SC 660 TC is a premium double-sided wired headset designed for professionals in enterprises and offices with special hearing needs.

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Manufacturer: Sennheiser
Part Number: 507099

Century SC 660 TC Wired Headset

Today’s contact center and office professionals deserve technology that improves the quality of their everyday work-life. To work effectively, they require outstanding sound performance for natural, conversational communication and music/multimedia use and exceptional comfort for long hours of use with the ability to focus on the job in hand even in noisy environments. Naturally their headset must be extremely durable and able to withstand the toughest business environments. The Century™ Series of wired headsets delivers on all points.

Telecoil support - Hearing aid-focused

Century™ SC 660 TC works with all standard telecoil-equipped hearing aids and brings all the benefits such as improved communication, superb sound and productivity to the users.

Stunning looks. Stunning sound. - Experience Sennheiser

With a comfortable fit that lasts all day and a solid sense of quality, Century™ is built to sound superb, look stunning and outlast the competition - in even the toughest contact center or office environment. It’s a headset that says you put your people and customers first.

State of the art materials - Extra long durability

Century™ is crafted with high-end materials to Sennheiser’s high standards to ensure maximum durability and design quality. Stainless steel hinges, brushed aluminum parts and Vectran™ reinforced cables are just parts of our armory when it comes to defending your headset against everyday use.

Adjustable and lightweight for all-day use - Wearing comfort

Century™ is designed for long-hours use throughout a working day – and that means everything focuses on wearing comfort: from the large leatherette ear-pads to the unibody headband construction for maximum strength at stress points to ensure a truly comfortable communications experience.

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sennheiser sc660, sc660, sc660-tc

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