UC Device-a-thon: 60 Devices in 60 Minutes [Webinar]

Wednesday, November 11, 2020
1 Hour 10:30 am CST
Join us for an intense learning session around the latest communications and collaboration technologies!

More people than ever are working and learning from home, and many are navigating the nuances of returning to the workplace or school. It’s more important than ever to embrace collaboration devices that optimize these new working and learning experiences and enable success.
Register for this webinar to:
  • See a quick rundown of the latest in collaboration devices, from personal devices to meeting space solutions
  • Discover how devices optimize your remote work, virtual meeting, distance learning, and distance teaching experience
  • Leave with major takeaways and a variety of expert insight into the solutions enhancing the user experience
There will be a Q&A session with our device experts and chances to win prizes throughout the webinar.
Ryan Herbst
Chief Strategist
Joe Dalecki
Technology Architect
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