Our Purpose, Mission, and Values
Who we are and what makes us tick

We Enable Workspaces. We Empower People. We Connect.

Delivering world-class expertise since 1982, UnifiedCommunications.com (a division of Tele-Communication, Inc.) combines exceptional customer service, extensive product knowledge and powerful distribution capabilities to design and deploy tailored unified communications solutions to over 12,000 customers around the world.

A Microsoft Gold Partner in Communications, our industry expertise and innovative approach makes us a valued partner to thousands of companies who want to implement unified communications solutions. We are your partner in the UC Ecosystem, offering solutions that combine products, services, consulting, customized fulfillment and workflows to help organizations work smarter.

Our Purpose

We help people and organizations communicate and collaborate in ways that enrich the human connection and elevate the daily experience of work and life.

Our Mission

UnifiedCommunications is an inspired team of technology evangelists.
We outfit people and organizations around the world with the right communications and collaboration devices and solutions. We add value through planning, consulting, meeting space design & installation, and training & support. The goal is better calling, meeting, and working experiences at home, in the office, and on the road.

Our Core Values

UnifiedCommunications.com is shaped by the talented and passionate people who work here. We asked our team what they felt captured the essence of our company. Together we defined four personal values and five business values. These values speak to our company culture and help guide our operations every day.

Personal Values:

  • Foster contagious enthusiasm.
  • Dive in and swim. No excuses.
  • Explore, learn, and share every day.
  • Care for and elevate those around you. 
Company Values:​​​​​
  • Lead with transparency, integrity, and ownership.
  • Craft simple, powerful solutions that work.
  • Be agile and flexible to achieve the goal.
  • Embrace transformational technologies.
  • Deliver extraordinary experiences.

How We Define Success

We know we are successful when our customers around the world say, "We're delighted with UnifiedCommunications,“ our employees say, "UnifiedCommunications is an amazing place to work," and our partners say, "UnifiedCommunications makes our technology work beautifully."

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