Device Management

We provide a suite of device consulting and management solutions.

Our practice is built around our understanding of the role devices and device strategy play in fueling mass adoption of UC in the enterprise.

Our Device Management Program enables us to understand our clients' challenges in managing their device inventory through an initial needs assessment. To ensure responsive account management, clients are assigned a dedicated UC device strategist.

We become an extension of our customers' internal departments by offering a personalize Device Selection Portal for their employees with the ability to access purchasing information in real time. The consulting process consists of five stages: Discovery, Planning, Implementation, Account Management, and a Quarterly Review. We really feel this will change the way our larger clients do their UC device purchasing. We are excited to be the only company offering that at this time.

Additional services include technical support, training, lifecycle management, logistics services, device piloting, and a powerful web portal customized to the client’s needs, with workflows for device selection, a menu of approved devices, and many other features that empower both stakeholders and the end users.

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Benefits of the Program include:

Increased productivity through use of the right device. With our broad knowledge of headsets and UC equipment we are able to assist in choosing the correct device for each person and application

Reduction in wasteful spending often incurred through purchasing of wrong or incompatible devices

Increased user satisfaction with the products due to careful product selection, planning, training options and various survey options

Superior user adoption based on applying best practices learned over our 32 years in the industry

Streamlined purchasing process through policy management, integration, web-based tools and specialized device selection workflows

Improved ROI through better piloting, metrics, manufacturer negotiations and support.    

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