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Because We Hire People Who Care

One of the things that our marketing department finds challenging is how to express in a virtual soundbite the level of customer service that we adhere to at There are expressions like "bend over backwards", "go the extra mile", and "world class" which are overused and often no more than promises that go unfulfilled from the customer's perspective.  So here goes my shot at expressing our outlook on customer service. 

At Tele-Communication, Inc., of which is a division, we hire people who display a natural inclination towards great customer service. This makes the job of the supervisors much easier.  It is impossible to promise never to make a mistake; but on the other hand, it is reasonable and appropriate to do our very best to treat our customers like members of our family and work hard to find the right solution to customers needs, and in the event that the rare mistake is made, to show the utmost integrity and understanding of the customer's perspective and resolve the issue in a manner that the customer can applaud.

This is the high standard that we set for ourselves at, and because our organization is full of wonderful people who share this simple, yet essential philosophy of customer service, our business has grown in a robust manner and I receive terrific compliments from our clients about our great service from our helpful and cheerful staff.  Feel free to give me feedback and suggestions about the customer service experience you have received from us.  You, our customers, are our most important asset.

Jason Herbst
Tele-Communication, Inc.

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