Plantronics Manager Pro

Manager Pro 3.9 provides new, powerful tools for deeper communications insights

What You Need to Know About Plantronics Manager Pro 3.9

Plantronics Manager Pro is a web-based service that gives IT Managers a cloud-based, near-real-time view of every Plantronics headset being used throughout the organization. It leverages a cloud-based architecture and offers reporting tools that provide new insights into your communications environment.

On January 25, 2017, Plantronics released Manager Pro 3.9. This major release has exciting and significant new features and enhancements. Let’s just jump right in.

Top 5 Features of Manager Pro 3.9

1. 3 new analytical reporting suites with 7 new reports

2. More simplified deployment of Plantronics Hub

  • Pre-configured MSI installation packages allow for automatic connection of the Plantronics Hub client to a tenant.
3. “Policy Based” management of settings and updates
  • A default policy is created for each hardware and software product that can be customized. Users will now be in/out of compliance based upon the policy assigned.
  • For example, one could monitor compliance from employees to use trusted/tested configurations, or to manage standards of health and public safety regarding over-exposure to noise.
4. Tenant Admin role simplification + read-only admins
  • Added ability to create read only admins. All fully privileged admins can create additional admins. The concept of “primary admin” being the only one with permissions to create other admins has been deprecated.
5. 3 new devices compatible with Manager Pro:
  • MDA220, Voyager Legend, and Blackwire 720

3 New Powerful Reporting Suites

The new reporting suites require subscription. Pricing has been designed with a “build” approach, so that higher suites include all prior suite functionality.

1. Usage Analysis Suite

  • Call Summary: Understand device usage patterns including headset calls made/received and call duration.
  • Common Actions: Identify user behavior patterns related to Mute, Volume and Quick Disconnect functionality that may hold insights for training and performance.
  • Device Adoption: Discover adoption patterns of Plantronics products across your organization.

2. Conversation Analysis Suite (for Call Centers)
  • Conversation Details: Improve the quality of conversations by identifying individuals and/or physical locations where the percentage time of overtalk during conversations is higher than normal.

3. Acoustic Analysis Suite (for Call Centers)
  • Acoustic Events: Review history of acoustic events that occurred during conversations using Plantronics products.
  • Daily Noise Exposure: Identify Time-Weighted Average (TWA) configurations that may be causing user experience issues. IT Admin can ensure protection of the acoustic health of employees and demonstrate compliance in the event of any potential litigation.

Updates to Base Asset Analysis Suite

In addition to the three new reporting suites, the base suite for Manager Pro, Asset Analysis, has also been updated.

  • New filter for viewing all PLT DECT or BT devices in the environment.
  • Report now puts devices in the following categories of Active/Inactive/Out of Service based upon the device last detected date rather than the device last used date, providing IT will better inventory accuracy. Also aligns better with the non-Plantronics devices providing apples-to-apples comparisons.
  • Device Distribution Report (New!): View the distribution of devices among users, including Plantronics and non-Plantronics devices and users without a detected device.

For more information on how Plantronics Manager Pro 3.9 can better help you manage and analyze your devices, call our experts today at 800.641.6416.

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