Interactive whiteboards are becoming a staple in collaborative meeting areas. There are different kinds of interactive whiteboards with varying, powerful capabilities. No longer are we limited by the uninspiring dry erase board that is unable to truly bring people and ideas together.

SMART Technologies’ SMART Room System™ for Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business (SfB) is one example of these powerful devices. They deliver the same functionality SfB users have at their desktops. Instant meeting start capability, HD video conferencing, real time document collaboration, digital whiteboarding, and the ability to save and share enhance the collaboration experience like no other.

Even if you don’t use Lync/SfB, you can attach a standard PC (installed with SMART’s Meeting Pro™ software) to the whiteboard. This allows for a sophisticated whiteboard experience using the revolutionary Unbound Workspace, which never runs out of space and lets you pan and zoom to any level of detail. With touch capability, a digitally customizable, inkless marker and your fist as the eraser, you can ink over anything whenever inspiration strikes.

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