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UCDirect™: The award-winning way to select and procure devices.

Simplify even the most complex enterprise-level UC deployments using our highly customizable, web-based portal. Manage your organization’s UC device selection and procurement all in one single solution.

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Ensuring Compatibility

With the click of a button, an administrator can ensure users are served only company-approved devices, eliminating incompatible options and simplifying the user experience. UCDirect™ can also assign different sets of products to different locations, work styles, departments, and more.

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Drop Drag Admin

Drag & Drop Administration

Intuitive and in-depth drag and drop administration makes it easy to adjust the portal to your parameters.

Customizable Home Screen

Co-brand the portal with your logo and adjust verbiage to your liking. Choose which categories of products to include and name them.

Home Screen
Comparison Grids

Comparison Grids

Your users will make informed device choices with powerful device comparison grids and search featuring customer-specific guidance/comments.

Dynamic Workflow
Dynamic Workflow

Dynamically-Generated Workflows & Compatibility Guides

Image-based decision tree workflows take work style and device connectability into account, easily guiding users to the most suitable device or meeting room configuration. Device accessories are offered when applicable to ensure compatibility.

Streamlining Purchasing & Billing

Seamlessly access the portal, submit orders, and receive invoices with PunchOut and Single Sign-On features. The portal system also integrates with leading eProcurement platforms.

Single Signon

Single Sign-On

ADFS, SAML, SalesForce, etc.


PunchOut & Invoicing

Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Ariba, etc.


Global Workflows



SOX Approval Workflows

Financial Reporting Compliant

Maximizing User Adoption

Maximizing User Adoption

A strong correlation exists between UC adoption and user satisfaction with devices. Large organizations struggle with offering choice and users struggle with the device selection process.

UCDirect™ removes these hurdles, empowering users and enabling your organization’s UC success.

Give Users Choice

Give Users Choice

Not all devices are right for everyone. Intelligent workflows ensure your users are offered devices that best support them.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Devices that support users’ work styles and preferences enable them to work at their best and focus on the tasks at hand.

Reduce Wasteful Spending

Reduce Wasteful Spending

Users are offered only compatible and preapproved devices, eliminating waste and incompatibility issues.

Let us take the hassle out of device selection and procurement for your UC deployments.
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