Software Update: Busylight UC & KuandoBOX v3.2.6

Office Etiquette with Busylight

To keep noise and distractions to a minimum in an open office environment, Plenom has released a software update for the Busylight UC and KuandoBOX with the following new features. Download the latest update here.

1. Mute on Away

Call alert is one of the greatest features of the Busylight, delivering a 100% reliable ringer so users hear and see incoming calls. However, if you step away from your desk the continuous ringing might annoy and disturb your neighbors. To avoid that, you now have the ability to mute the ringer while your presence is set to ‘Away’.

2. Default Volume

In addition to Mute on Away, the default volume for the Omega Busylight is now set at 25%.

3. Adjust Brightness

The Busylight serves as a traffic light that displays the color of your current Skype for Business/Lync presence. While the light is supposed to catch people’s attention, the brightness may also be a distraction. To solve this problem, Plenom’s software update will allow users to adjust the brightness of the Busylight between low, normal, and high.

4. Default Brightness

The default brightness for the Alpha Busylight is now set to normal and the Omega Busylight is now set to high.

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