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Plantronics Manager Pro and Plantronics Hub work together to give enterprises total control and flexibility over their Plantronics audio headsets and devices.

Plantronics Manager Pro is a web-based service that gives IT Managers easy-to-use tools to configure settings and update audio device software and firmware for end-users across the enterprise. Plantronics Manager Pro leverages a cloud-based architecture and offers reporting tools that provide new insights into your communications environment.

Plantronics Hub for Windows/Mac is a client application that works with Plantronics Manager Pro and allows end users to control the settings on their Plantronics audio device within the parameters established by IT.


  • View a summary of all audio devices and Plantronics Hub software at a glance
  • Easily schedule and deploy device firmware upgrades
  • Adjust and implement setting configurations to ensure a seamless end user experience while locking in regulatory compliance settings
  • Configure devices quickly and consistently, at a time that works best for managers and end users
  • Conveniently troubleshoot and diagnose user issues from a remote location


  • Generate inventory and usage reports for all audio devices in your organization
  • View what softphone version is being used with Plantronics products across your organization
  • Identify compatibility conflicts between softphone and Plantronics Hub versions
  • Improve user performance and experience by ensuring compatibility between audio device firmware and softphone application

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Asset Analysis

View your company-wide device inventory distribution, along with firmware versions, softphone status, and detected conflicts.

Usage Analysis

Understand device usage patterns with detailed call summaries, common actions, and device adoption.

Conversation Analysis

Improve the quality of conversations by identifying individuals and/or physical locations where the percentage time of overtalk during conversations is higher than normal.

Acoustic Analysis

Review your acoustic event history and identify time-weighted average configurations that may be causing issues.

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Asset & Accoustic Analysis


Policy Compliance

Tenant Configuration

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