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Smart Room Demos at UnifiedCommunications.com10/26/2013
UnifiedCommunications.com Debuts First SMART/Microsoft Lync Room System in Houston Briefing Center allows companies to experience cost effective immersive business collaboration environment 10/2...
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4 or Five Benefits of Virtualization6/13/2013
First off, what the heck is virtualization? The quick and dirty definition is that virtualization refers to methods of running multiple computer operating systems or hardware systems on one comp...
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Lync & Skype: Together At Last6/4/2013
Last week Microsoft made a big announcement: the software giant's enterprise communications software, Microsoft Lync, is now able to connect with people using it's newly acquired, general purpose...
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The Legend of Lync: Microsoft’s enterprise collaboration rules5/9/2013
It’s on your mac. It’s on your Windows. It’s on your iPhone and your Android. It’s in the cloud. A better question would be, where isn’t Microsoft Lync? If you’re new to the enterprise collaborat...
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Listen Up: Listen Tech & The ADA5/2/2013
This may be old news to you, but its relevance remains. There’s no formal governmental body of inspectors to seek out and police these regulations, but as a business owner, non-profit or for-prof...
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Enterprise Connect: Conference of collaboration3/19/2013
Thousands of unified communication specialists and gurus are currently attending the massive Enterprise Connect Conference (EC13) in Orlando, Florida this week. The annual conference focuses on e...
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Lync 2013 Native USB Meeting Room3/6/2013
Check out Ryan Herbst with UnifiedCommunications.com demonstrating a native 2013 meeting room design with Time2Market. The design features the VDO360 PTZ USB camera, Polycom CX3000, and a dedicated...
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Voyager Legend and iMeet: Smart headset and cloud virtual meetings1/28/2013
Virtual meetings save companies a lot of money by cutting travel costs and providing instant, collaborative communication. But the virtual meeting experience can be awkward at times because–we’re h...
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Microsoft Dawns Skype: Mass unified communications1/9/2013
Microsoft’s Skype Microsoft set a deadline today retiring its flagship Messenger service on March 15, 2013 in order to transition its current 100+ million users to Skype. This dawning of a new S...
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