Tele-Communication, Inc. Enters Into Strategic Partnership with Dutch Company StartReady

Offers the First Turnkey Microsoft Office Communications Server Appliance.

HOUSTON, Jan. 05 /PRNewswire/ -- Houston-based Tele-Communication, Inc. has entered into a partnership with Dutch company StartReady to distribute the first ever all-in-one appliance for Microsoft's Office Communications Server (OCS). The StartReady UC appliance allows an organization to pilot or deploy OCS, a powerful unified communications solution, in a matter of days on a single, managed appliance at a very affordable price.

Traditionally, deploying OCS involves a major time commitment, the purchase of multiple servers, and either extensive outside consulting services or a steep learning curve for internal IT staff. By purchasing the StartReady UC appliance through Tele-Communication, Inc., companies can deploy OCS in a matter of 2-3 days on one managed, menu-driven appliance that runs all Microsoft Office Communications Server roles. This ready-to-use solution unites hardware, software and the underlying Microsoft licenses in a single, 1U rack-mountable device.

Tele-Communication, Inc. offers a variety of scalable StartReady UC Appliances based on the size of the implementation, number of locations, and requirement for integration with the existing PBX phone systems. StartReady UC appliances support between 25 and 1,000 users, and appliances can be grouped for scalability.

For companies interested in evaluating OCS firsthand, Tele-Communication, Inc. offers an OCS Pilot Program. The OCS Pilot Program allows companies to try OCS for 45 days. The OCS Pilot Program gives companies access to the full range of OCS features, such as Edge, telephony, video conferencing, remote access, and Outlook integration. The Program includes: StartReady UC Appliance, 25 users enabled, 5 Polycom desk phones, 5 Plantronics headsets, Microsoft Office Communicator Clients ( MOC ), telephony integration, and 2 days of implementation and training for only $6,999. After the pilot, businesses have the option to keep the appliance and continue with full implementation, or return the complete OCS Pilot components with no further obligation. If the customer continues with the implementation, the pilot program fee will be applied towards the full purchase of the appliance and related licenses.

Ryan Herbst, Vice President of Tele-Communication, Inc., explains how the partnership enhances telecommunications solutions currently offered by the company: "Everyone is excited about the myriad of productivity and collaboration benefits of OCS. We've seen how quickly it has improved our internal and external business communication, and we've seen how amazing it has been for the enterprise world. Being able to deliver this type of power and capability to small to mid-range organizations is deeply gratifying for a consultant like me who has long awaited a technology like this that truly changes the playing field and gives business an edge."

Lucas Wensing, CEO at StartReady says: "A successful implementation of Unified Communications solutions requires a profound, customer-driven approach. We find in Tele-Communication, Inc. a partner who supports this process in a professional manner. Their broad knowledge of UC-related products and their long-time experience with a wide range of customers gives me the confidence that StartReady Appliances will prove to be a great addition to their portfolio – and the customers will benefit from this."

About Tele-Communication, Inc.

Established in 1982, Tele-Communication, Inc. is a multi-faceted company providing both products and services within the telecommunications space that range from video conferencing and phone systems to headsets, telephony, and bandwidth. Tele-Communication, Inc. specializes in unified communications, telephony, phone systems, phones, headsets, video conferencing, broadband services, and endpoints.

About StartReady

StartReady delivers Microsoft-based appliances for 'Unified Communications' and 'Enterprise Search'. These appliances integrate hardware, software and maintenance in one single, quickly implemented solution. StartReady was founded by two ex-Microsoft employees and uses its good relationship with Microsoft to develop innovative technological solutions.

For more information regarding the StartReady UC Appliance, please visit or contact Tele-Communication, Inc. at or 800-641-6416 X 121.

Media Contact: Stacy Cashiola 713-358-8021,

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