Clarity Launches ClarityLogic, Patented Remote Access Technology Customizes Phones for Seniors

First-of-Its-Kind Service Simplifies Customer Service for Seniors; Future Versions to Give Access to Caregivers and Connect Seniors With Vital Medical Services

CHATTANOOGA, TN, Jul 19, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Clarity, a division of Plantronics and a leading provider of communication solutions for seniors, today announced the launch of ClarityLogic 1.0, a patented, first-of-its-kind service that enables customer service reps to remotely access and optimize Clarity amplified phones for the end-user.

Users simply dial a 1-800 number to connect with a customer service representative who can quickly gain access to the phone via the internet and can then personalize settings. Specifically designed for seniors, ClarityLogic is the first service to enable someone to remotely adjust settings and configure features on a telephone for the user.

"For the senior market, this is a dramatic leap forward in customer service," said Carsten Trads, president of Clarity. "Clarity has been providing amplified phones, which are the most advanced on the market today, to the senior population for decades. And we've come to understand that many seniors need help with new technology. That's why we designed ClarityLogic, so the end user can easily have their phone adjusted or optimized for them at anytime. We're not just providing a customer service, ClarityLogic is offering independence."

ClarityLogic provides relief to seniors by significantly speeding up the customer service process and quickly ensuring that the user and the customer representative are working in sync. ClarityLogic users do not need internet access for the service to work. When a user dials the ClarityLogic 1-800 number, he or she is quickly connected to a customer service representative while a data message is simultaneously uploaded to a secure website that the same customer service representative can access. Immediately, the customer representative can know the user's product and make adjustments, such as increasing or decreasing amplification levels; adjusting tone; programming the phonebook; or customizing speed dial.

Many corporations have found providing customer support to seniors a difficult task. Clarity, through research and forty years of serving the senior population, understands that age-related health issues, like hearing and vision loss, require companies to take a unique approach when communicating with senior customers. Designed with this in mind, ClarityLogic simplifies the customer support process, minimizes user error and dramatically reduces the number of product returns.

ClarityLogic 1.0 is currently available with Clarity's XL40D and XL45 amplified phones, which can be purchased across the country through special needs distributors and online. ClarityLogic is a free of charge service. It will be rolled out on additional Clarity products in the future.

According to Trads, the ClarityLogic platform opens the door for industry-changing services to help seniors age in place. Clarity is currently planning the launch of ClarityLogic 2.0, which will allow caregivers, family members or friends the ability to access and adjust the phones of their loved ones remotely. Other future versions of ClarityLogic will connect seniors with important medical services, such as medication reminders, home monitoring or emergency assistance.

"By bringing voice and data together specifically to help seniors and their caregivers, we believe ClarityLogic will play a vital role in the home of the future for older generations," said Trads.

About Clarity Clarity® is a leading supplier of amplified telephones, notification systems, assistive listening devices and other communications devices for those with hearing loss. A leader in sound amplification, Clarity's patented technologies, Clarity® Power™ and Digital Clarity Power™, provide customized solutions for customers who otherwise could not communicate easily and effectively with the outside world. As more people begin to address their hearing needs, Clarity will continue to provide effective technologies that are simple and easy to use.

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