Clarity Unveils New AlertMaster AL10 Visual Alert System

Enhanced AL10 Boasts Bold Updated Look, Same Connectivity and Security for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals

CHATTANOOGA, TN, Aug 31, 2010 -- Clarity, a division of Plantronics, today released the new Clarity AlertMaster AL10, a visual alert system that helps the deaf and those with profound hearing loss stay connected to the world around them and remain secure in their homes.

The multi-purpose device utilizes sensors to monitor activity within the home, such as doorbells, telephone and videophone calls, children's cries or motion. When any of these are detected, bright flashing lights and large backlit icons on the AL10 alert users to the activity.

The AL10 also can be configured to flash a lamp in a room or shake a bed or pillow when activity occurs. The AL10 pairs well with existing home security systems, helping alert users when an alarm is triggered.

Ready to use with minimal assembly, the AL10 requires no hardwiring to the home and is available for $179.95.

"Customers who use the new Clarity AlertMaster AL10 have peace of mind knowing what is happening in their homes -- whether it's a phone call or a baby crying or an unexpected visitor," said Carsten Trads, president of Clarity. "The connectivity that the AL10 provides, along with its simple design, demonstrates Clarity's continued commitment to creating technology solutions that improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss. If you're deaf or severely hard of hearing, this is an ideal in-home monitoring solution for you."

The modifications to the AL10 include a completely new design with a more aesthetically pleasing facade and easily identifiable icons. Additional features include distinct flashing patterns for each backlit icon to help distinguish between events, adjustable display brightness and a dual power backup to keep the system running in case of power loss. Users can also easily use the AL10 to turn nearby lighting on or off, or they can set a security light control to turn lighting around the home on or off at selected times.

"The updated design is bold and bright," Trads said. "Its sleek appearance makes the AL10 a welcome addition to anyone's home, and it provides the quality and accuracy that our customers have come to expect."

With nearly a dozen accessories ranging from baby sound monitors to door announcers to motion sensors, the AL10 can be expanded for use throughout the home. In addition, accessories from the previous model of the device ( AlertMaster AM 6000) are compatible with the AL10, making an upgrade effortless.

"We understand that our customers' lifestyles are diverse, so it's important for us to keep the AL10 flexible and easily customizable for a user's specific needs," Trads said.

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