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Adoption & Change Management
The people side of collaboration.

What’s your greatest Teams adoption challenge?

As an IT manager you may be overseeing the group by group shift to onboarding your entire workforce to using Teams.

Like many companies, the ability to adopt may vary greatly from those groups who dive in ready and willing, to those who barely know what Microsoft Teams can do.

And, like many IT departments, you may find your team stretched to provide initial onboarding, let alone ongoing support.

With remote working at an all-time high, ensure your user groups are well-versed in Teams, schedule a consultation now. We’ll connect you with one of our Teams adoption change management experts to help you identify what to address and in what order.

Cover your greatest adoption challenges in the course of one call:

  • Planning What is your company’s unified communications plan and your place in it?
  • Collaboration What are the requirements of each user group that makes them especially collaborative?
  • Training What rollout plan will make for successful adoption of new habits and patterns? 

At the end of the call, choose among the following options to move forward with your Teams implementation:

  • Virtual Manager's Boot CampOne half-day instructor led session for Supervising Managers to champion their team(s) to work effectively and productively from anywhere
  • Virtual Executive White Glove TourTwo 3-hour instructor led sessions for Executives and Administrators to quickly master the need-to-knows to Teams
  • Virutal ACM WorkshopThree 4-hour in-depth assessments for Company-wide Adoption Team (executive, administrative, departmental, training, & IT leaders) to prepare for initial migration or phased roll-outs of successful and complete platform adoption.*

    *Deliverables include: Roadmap, Reports on Use Case Scenarios, User Personas, Devices Strategy, Customized List of Environment Findings, Metrix & Measurement Suggestions

As pioneers in UC adoption and user transformation, we know there is more to successfully deploying a unified communications solution than backend infrastructure. Laying groundwork for lasting success with end users is essential. Our programmatic approach is unparalleled in its results and making IT teams successful is our passion.

We partner with you to achieve your business goals, while ensuring your users feel empowered and satisfied with their Microsoft Teams experience. Our approach brings rigor and a focus on empirical data — tracking usage trend reports and user satisfaction throughout our engagement. By proactively tracking these metrics, we can address any user concerns that arise before they have a chance to pull the deployment off course.

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