Adoption & Change Management

The people side of collaboration.
Microsoft Surface Hub 2S for Teamwork Anywhere
Laying the groundwork for lasting change.
As pioneers in UC adoption and user transformation, we know there is more to successfully deploying a unified communications solution than backend infrastructure. Laying the groundwork for lasting success with end users is essential. Our programmatic approach is unparalleled in its results — making IT teams successful is our passion.
Microsoft Surface Hub 2S for Teamwork Anywhere
Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Brings Remote Teams Together
Achieving goals while empowering your users.
We partner with you to achieve your business goals, while ensuring your users feel empowered and satisfied with their Microsoft Teams experience. Our approach brings rigor and focus on empirical data. By proactively tracking usage and satisfaction, we can address any user concerns that arise before they have a chance to pull the deployment off course.
Our Journey with You
Identify business requirements and prioritize use case scenarios while learning about your environment as you plan for the rollout.​
Work with your key stakeholders to build and launch a successful adoption plan by strategically managing workstreams.​
Drive Value
Full-scale deployment and business success depend on usage and satisfaction. Measure and report ROI with data-driven telemetry.
Where to start?
Set up a call to discuss why the change matters, define the change itself, and identify difficulty level of change.
At the end of the call, choose among the following options to suit your needs:
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Why our customers use ACM
Change is about people, and we’re here to help.
Define a vision and value.
Involve visible leadership.
Communicate with purpose.
Train on targeted features.
Elevate your workforce.
Measure your success.
Our Solution and Promise
As a Microsoft Gold Partner in Communications, our industry expertise and innovative approach makes us a valued partner to thousands of companies who want to implement unified communications solutions. We are your partner in the UC Ecosystem, offering solutions that combine products, services, consulting, customized fulfillment and workflows to help organizations work smarter.
Tangible Benefits and Desired Outcomes
Utilizing Adoption & Change Management practices into a project enables a project to be successful and the organization to feel empowered. Success starts with alignment of the stakeholders and the overall project vision. Analyzing the vision against various use case scenarios across the organization is a key component to ensure that the vision is achievable and can produce positive business outcomes.
How Adoption & Change Management Works to Achieve Business Results
Organization readiness for change, stakeholder mapping, cultural assessment, training needs analysis, and change impact.
Communication, organization redesign, business readiness, training, data listening checkpoints and go-live management.
The change journey, communications and stakeholder engagement, and training (content and delivery). Define success criteria metrics.
Adoption and change management, understand the plan and strategy for the organization.
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