Plantronics Redefines Business Communications with Simply Smarter Products to Address Today’s Changing Work Styles

New Products Combine Intelligence with Elegant and Intuitive Designs for the Busy Mobile Professional

New York, May 18, 2011 - Plantronics (NYSE: PLT) today announced an expanded portfolio of simply smarter communications products designed to address today’s new business environments and evolving work styles. The new offerings – the Savi® 700 series, Savi 440, Blackwire® 435, and CS500™ series – deliver intelligent technology with elegant design for business professionals who interact with a mobile phone, softphone, and a desk phone, or need to switch between all three.

The new products deliver a host of benefits to business professionals. They connect to multiple devices and provide intelligent capabilities that enable freedom of movement and help heighten productivity. The sleek and discreet wearing styles round out the experience by ensuring a professional and engaging persona for the end user—whether they’re seen in-person or being viewed via webcam.

The new products also give IT departments the ability to provision one device and achieve forward compatibility, ensuring increased efficiency and cost savings over time.

“In today’s enterprise environments, work is not just a place; people are mobile both on campus and off,” said Bill Loewenthal, vice president, Unified Communications, Plantronics. “The products we’re announcing today give mobile workers the same freedom, flexibility, and wearability that fans of our leading Bluetooth® devices have enjoyed for years, with the added bonus that they integrate with the industry’s most popular Unified Communications platforms, enabling even stronger productivity gains.”

In addition, Plantronics announced the latest release of its popular UC Toolkit – a set of online assets that help IT departments plan, adopt, deploy, and advance Unified Communications in their enterprises. The UC Toolkit is available for Avaya®, Cisco®, Microsoft®, and IBM® Unified Communications platforms.

Plantronics' New Product Offerings

Savi 700 Series

The Savi 700 series is a headset system that allows a user to manage calls coming in from a PC, desk phone, or mobile phone; seamlessly switching between all three as required. It features the lightest wireless DECT™ headset on the market, provides the user with a generous 350 foot roaming range, and auto-answers when the headset is picked up from the cradle. A hot swappable battery delivers unlimited talk time. Three headset wearing styles: over the ear, over the head, and behind the neck, provide options to suit a variety of scenarios. Click here to browse Savi 700 Series.

CS500 Series

The CS500 is a wireless headset system for desktop telephones. Featuring an updated design and the lightest wireless DECT headset on the market, the CS500 system allows users to roam and talk up to 350 feet away from the base unit; convertible wearing styles ensure optimal comfort. Click here to browse the CS500 series.

Savi 440

The Savi 440 is a USB wireless headset system that can manage PC calls up to 300 feet away. Mirroring the Savi 700 series, the Savi 440 also features the market’s lightest wireless DECT headset, and an included dongle allows for call connectivity through a PC anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Additionally, a hot swappable battery delivers unlimited talk time. Click here to see the Savi 440.

Blackwire 435

The Blackwire 435 is a USB corded headset featuring a sleek and portable design that makes it extremely discreet and web-cam friendly. It also easily converts from a mono to stereo wearing-style for maximum flexibility and convenience. Click here to see the Blackwire 435.

The UC Toolkit

This online resource of best practices documentation houses FAQs, whitepapers, training materials, survey templates, wireless assessments, and more, making it easy for IT managers to test their UC assumptions. The UC Toolkit can be accessed at

Pricing and Availability

Savi 700 series is priced from $379.95 to $399.95 MSRP, depending on headset wearing style and is available in June 2011.

Savi 440 is $279.95 MSRP and available in May 2011.

Blackwire 435 is $99.95 MSRP and available in July 2011.

CS500 series is priced from $299.95 to $329.95 MSRP depending on headset wearing style, and is available in August 2011.

Learn more about the new products at

Plantronics, Blackwire and Savi are registered trademarks and CS500 is a trademark of Plantronics, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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