The New Savi 700 Series From Plantronics

Plantronics Refreshes Their Savi Line.

The Savi 700 series is the newest line of Savi wireless UC headset systems from Plantronics. Additional features and a more UC-centered performance highlight the new Savi 700 Series.

The standout from the Savi 700 series is the convertible Savi 740. The Savi 740 features the lightest DECT headset on the market, coming in at 21 grams. The convertible headset can be worn over the ear, over the head or behind the neck. The Savi 740 connects to your PC, desk phone and mobile phone and easily manages calls between them. The Savi 740 automatically routes mobile audio to whichever device you pick up, headset or mobile and features a dedicated button for all 3 devices on the base station making call control simpler than ever.

The base station also features magnetic docking. Up to 3 additional headsets can conference in by simply docking to the base. And there is synchronized call presence across connected devices.

The Savi 700 series has been designed to be even more intuitive and intelligent. Whenever you take a call, presence on a UC client, such as Microsoft Lync is automatically updated. An energy efficient adaptive power system adjusts energy output depending on proximity to the base station, saving battery level. Not that you’ll have to worry about battery level much anymore. The Savi 740 has a hot swappable battery that gives unlimited talk time. You can swap the low battery with a fully charged battery mid-call and the conversation doesn’t miss a beat.

Wideband audio support now comes in both the desk phone and PC for broader audio performance. And enhanced DSP, SoundGuard digital and a noise-canceling microphone give you the elite audio Plantronics is known for.

The entire Savi 700 series comes in both UC standard and optimized for Microsoft Lync and OCS versions.

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