The New World of Work: a Financial Perspective

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Technological innovations have allowed companies to become more collaborative across the country and across the world.  This single, global market demands companies to operate in a digital world where distance is no longer a hindrance. Companies have unprecedented opportunities to maximize the impact of employees and workgroups, to reinforce relationships with customers and partners, to make timely and well-informed decisions, and to manage and protect business critical information.  Physical presence in an office becomes less important when employees can interact with each other regardless of time or place.

Unified Communications (UC) is the convergence of multiple communications technologies into a single solution.  Unifying communications such as email, calendars, instant messaging, voicemail, audio/video/web conferencing, and VoIP provide companies and employees an easy, effective, and more productive way of collaborating.

StartReady offers Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) as an appliance: a powerful solution that offers hardware, software, and Microsoft licenses all in a single managed appliance.  This means less complexity and more efficiency for all companies embracing the New World of Work. StartReady is a powerful way to streamline business processes at a lower investment than traditional Unified Communications deployments, providing a decrease in travel, telephony, and facility costs.

The trend towards integrated solutions is becoming a quick reality.  This modern communication needs to provide new solutions with minimal technological upheaval and lower operating costs. The StartReady Appliance provides a simple solution to Unified Communications that can be implemented in just a few days, and oftentimes the return on investment is realized in a few short months.

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