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What is an EHS Adapter?


Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) adapters provide a ring alert signal to your headset anytime your deskphone rings. It also allows you to answer and end calls right from your headset anywhere within your headset's range. EHS adapters eliminate the need for an HL10 handset lifter.


What EHS adapter do I need?

Electronic Hookswitch adapters are based on the type of phone you have. Refer to the chart below to help you find which EHS cable is compatible with your phone.

Savi EHS CS EHS Compatibility
APS-10 APS-1 AAstra 5370, 5370 IP, 5380, 5380 IP, 6753i, 6755i, 6757i, 6757i CT, 6771, 6773, 6773 IP, 6775, 6775 IP
Siemens/Funkwer optiPoint 410, 420, 500, 600 with Acoustic Adapter
APA-20 APA-2 Alcatel Lucent IP Touch 8 Series, 9 Series TDM
APT-30 APT-3 Avaya GMBH (Tenovis)
APC-40 APC-4 Cisco 7940 Series, 7960 Series, 7970 Series
APP-50 APP-5 Polycom IP 320, IP 321, IP 330, IP 331, IP 430, IP 450, IP 550, IP 560, IP 650, IP 670
APV-60 9600 Cord Avaya 1608, 1616, 2410, 4630, 5410, 6416D+M, 6424D+M, 9600
APV-65 EU24/ADJ Avaya 2420, 4610SW, 4620, 4620SW, 4621SW, 4622SW, 4625SW, 4630SW, 5420, 5610, 5620
RD-1 RD-1 Adtran IP 706, IP 702
Shoretel IP212K, IP203, IP265, IP530, IP560
Toshiba DP 5118, DP 5130, DP 5X22, DP 5X32, IPT 2010, IPT 2020

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