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Today’s highly mobile and wired workers have come to rely on email, instant messaging (IM), Web-based collaboration and other data technologies to stay in touch. But that hasn’t lessened the need for phone conversations, which provide the immediacy and sense of close personal interaction required to facilitate many business activities and speed decision-making. By enabling people to use voice and data communications simultaneously, Unified Communications (UC) provides benefits such as boosting productivity, improving collaboration, and building stronger, more profitable connections with customers.

Plantronics headsets and other voice communications products not only provide the high-quality audio component lacking in office PCs but also overcome problems such as background noise and poor-quality networks. They further enable hands-free communications while wireless models deliver needed mobility in office and home office environments. Since the needs of users vary widely based on usage, Plantronics offers a comprehensive range of products and price points designed for virtually every type of work routine, along with the flexibility, comfort, reliability and global support required for enterprise deployments.

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